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Black Swamp

The Burden Museum and Gardens in Baton Rouge is located at 4560 Essen Lane just off I-10.  The Black Swamp is part of the developing Barton Arboreturm and one small part of a 440-acre tract that also contains the formal Windrush Gardens, the Rural Life Museum, and many other plantings and attractions.  Take a look at the Burden Museum and Gardens website for details.

The Black Swamp is a natural, rain-fed swamp that at one time probably was connected to the River.  A boardwalk provides access through this forested wetland which consists primarily of water tupelo, black tupelo and swamp red maple. 

Within the last several  years, Louisiana iris species have been planted. I. fulva and I. brevicaulis undoubtedly were native to the Burden site, but I. giganticaerulea and I. nelsonii, which are found under conditions very similar to the Black Swamp, have been introduced and are thriving.  During the bloom season, the boardwalk offers a rare opportunity to see all these native irises in one place.


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