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Big Branch name

Big Branch Marsh is a 15,000 acre wildlife refuge near Lacombe, Louisiana, managed by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  A Visitor's Center is located in Lacombe.

Take a look at the excellent USF&WS website:

Below are a few images from around the two principal land access points:  a boardwalk off Boy Scout Road and Lake Road (Hwy 434), which runs from Highway 190 to the shore of Lake Pontchartrain.


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Map to Big Branch

Refuge Map

Big Branch Directions
Images from around the boardwalk off Boy Scout Road
Boardwalk through pines Marsh 1 off boardwalk Marsh 2 off boardwalk
wood duck house
boardwalk clump
irises in water
Giganticaerulea flower
Boy Scout Road GC clump Boy Scout Road
Ducks on tree
More seeds
Royal Fern
Hibiscus white
Some scenes along Lake Road approaching Lake Pontchartrain
Lake Road 1
Lake Road 2
Lake Road 3
img 4630
img 4635
img 4634
Lake Road 4
Lake Road 5
Lake Road 6
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