Next Meeting

The next GNOIS meeting will be held on Saturday morning, February 1 from 10 AM till noon in the Whim House at Longue Vue.  The program and other details will be posted soon.  Mark your calendars!

Third Tuesdays in the Sculpture Garden

Next date: January 21, 9:00 AM in the Master Gardeners Super Plant Garden and around 10:00 AM in the Louisiana Iris Display Garden

On Third Tuesday, January 21st  at 9:00am  Andrew Loyd, LSU AgCenter Agent/Master Gardener Advisor, will demonstrate how to prune trees and shrubs at the Louisiana Super Plant/Enabling Garden in the back of the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden NOMA City Park.  

Following the demonstration, Greater New Orleans Iris Society and Master Gardeners of Greater New Orleans members will demonstrate how to care for LA Irises and will answer questions on iris culture in the Louisiana Iris Display Garden in the Sculpture Garden NOMA.  Remember, the January-February period is one of the two prime times when Louisiana irises should be fertilized. 

     New volunteers are welcome.   Members and friends of GNOIS and the Master Gardeners will receive an email notice of the exact time.  Watch the newspapers for notices, also.

     Thank-you irises are provided to those who help out.  The Third Tuesday sessions are a great place to talk to avid Louisiana iris growers and pick up tips on best growing practices and favorite varieties.  Just bring gloves.  Tools and water are provided.

Annual Iris Sale October 19

      The sale is no longer upcoming but rather past history.  It was a successful sale despite the rain, and you can look forward to next year's event. 

     The sale is always in October.  Watch this site for details.  And, you can get on our mailing list by joining GNOIS or just emailing a request to us at

     The GNOIS sales are a great way to get new irises that are generally not available in commercial nurseries.  Members donate excess plants and many of us grow a wide variety of Louisiana irises.

     Take a look at what was offered this year and at past sales:

List of Sale Irises          Pictures of Sale Irises (and others)

Convention Logo Film Grain

The SLI Annual Convention is coming to New Orleans

     GNOIS will host the Society For Louisiana Irises Annual Convention to be held April 3-5.  Much of our activity this fall and spring will be directed toward planning for the convention and annual Louisiana Iris Rainbow Festival to be held in the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden on April 6.
     An iris show in the Museum of Art will be a major focus on April 4 and 5. 

      Click on the convention link above or below to find complete SLI Convention information.  And come back here or the GNOIS Facebook page for updates.